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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cooked Pumpkin Pie Mathematics Part 2 Day 34

This is a Continuation of this Blog:
In my last blog, I wrote about 'my experience' of the pumpkin pie , where I looked at the thought dimension. In this blog I am looking at my backchat or internal conversation that's going on in my head when I see a cooked pumpkin pie. I am using elementary mathematics to show how abuse can be done simply by adding or subtracting value from any manifestation here that is part of the whole - that is Life. I am using self-forgiveness, writing a commitment script and self-corrective application to correct myself so I can birth myself as equal to and one with/as Life.

Backchat  (Subconscious mind)

'I Do Not Like Pumpkin Pies Anyway'

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to have a backchat or internal conversation within my mind

 as in

'I Do Not Like Pumpkin Pies Anyway'


I innumerate the ways in which this pie

can give me a negative experience


  'I Do Not Like Cooked Pumpkin Pie Anyway'

where the value i give the cooked pumpkin pie = -6

where -1 is for one  negative experience

where -2 = is for 2 negative experiences

and -3 is for 3 negative experiences

and -4 is for 4 negative experiences

where the negative experiences that I predicted I will have when I eat

the cooked pumpkin pie are the following

(-1)  it will make me fat because it has sugar

(-2)  its texture is like the texture of feces

(-3) it does not taste as good as pecan pie

(-4) it is not raw
(connecting raw pumpkin pie to having enzymes for easy digestibility and more vitamins and minerals )

(-5) it will not make me look good like eating greens will

(-6) it might give me diabetes

arriving at a value = -6

not realizing the pumpkin pie value = Life

not realizing it is made from plants, whose value = Life

not realizing that adding value  to Life and subtracting value to Life

 is abuse of Life


I commit myself to when and as i see myself

 having internal conversations/backchats

about the pumpkin pie

I stop

I breathe

I realize that

I choose what i eat 

according to 'what i like to eat'  or 'what I don't like to eat'

where I eat only what will give me -  as the mind 

a positive energy experience

based from knowledge and information

which is what

I heard and seen in the media and books

about food and the body

based on researches done

by people whose

awareness is limited by their seeing

through the eyes of the mind

not understanding the mind and how it functions

and not seeing what is here

as the real value of everything that is here
and as I accumulated the imagined negative experiences

that I can possibly have

within/as my mind

based on

these information and knowledge

which I accepted as my truth

forming my beliefs
I developed an aversion for the pumpkin pie

where I manifested my beliefs

and end up not liking to eat the pumpkin pie
where my starting point for eating food is based on the mind
 not seeing and realizing that

 it is the BODY 

and NOT ME as the MIND

 deciding on what to eat

as the body is aware of the sustenance it needs to survive


instead of deciding for the body within a limited awareness as the mind

I am assisting myself

to accept and allow myself to

establish an equal and one relationship with the body

clearing the communication lines
(stopping thoughts, backchats/internal conversations, reactions, imaginations etc.)

so I can HERE (hear)

what it is communicating to me - as an equal

and see how it responds to the food

so I can really give it

the sustenance it needs

 to survive optimally


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