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Monday, November 26, 2012

Cooked Pumpkin Pie Mathematics Part 3 Day 35 Taste

This is a Continuation of this Blog:
In my last blog, I wrote about 'my experience' of the pumpkin pie , where I looked at the backchat I have when I see it on the table.
In this blog, I am looking at another backchat about doubting myself when in front of the pumpkin pie.
 I am using elementary mathematics to show how I add to the value of the pumpkin pie instead of seeing its real value as equal to Life.
I am using self-forgiveness, writing a commitment script and self-corrective application to correct myself so I can birth myself as equal to and one with Life.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself

 to have internal conversation within my mind 
when in front of a cooked pumpkin pie 

where i have this backchat:

'i like to taste this a little bit, but i might end up eating more and end up eating a lot even if i do not really like it'

doubting if i will be able to direct myself 

as i am suspicious that i 'cannot effectively direct myself'

to instead succumb to my 'desire to eat sweets'

in family gatherings as i 

do what everyone does to

fit in to the group

eating what everyone eats that tastes good
entertaining myself and making myself  'happy'

as the evil me only wanting 'happiness and bliss'
through eating food and more food

as I 'seek the moreness of me' within

eating food that tastes good to be 'happy'

                                     where within this I am only concerned with one thing
me, I and myself

within self-interest and survival

wanting to be 'happy' and 'entertain me'

so I can evolve me as the mind

within eating sweets

not realizing that i can change my starting point

 from 'fear of getting fat'

to developing a real relationship with the body 

clearing the communication lines with the body

by stopping me as the mind

as mind chatter

as thoughts, internal conversations/backchats, imaginations etc.  

giving it what it needs to survive optimally

'i like to taste this a little bit, but i might end up eating more and end up eating a lot even if i do not really like it'

Existent within this Backchat is  the belief that the sweet taste of the pie can make me 'happy' which is a 'positive energy experience' -  within this believing that the mushy texture can give me a 'negative energy experience'
where the value i give the cooked pumpkin  pie = +1

for its sweet taste

as i see sweetness as something that can make me 'happy' 

instead of giving the pumpkin pie value = Life

as it is made of plants

plants having value = Life

realizing the real value of all that is here is equal to Life
Commitment To Correct Myself

I commit myself to when and as I see myself having internal conversations/backchat

doubting my ability to direct myself

I stop

I breathe

I realize that the sweet taste of the pumpkin pie is

is directing me instead of me being self-directive

so I am assisting myself to

flagpoint myself when faced with lots of food on the table

and change my starting point from doubting my

own ability to direct myself to being

self directive

standing within myself as equal to the pumpkin pie

and making a recipe of the pumpkin pie that

I can eat and enjoy

which  the body responds well to

 supporting its survival optimally

and establish real communication with the body as me


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